Poem – To Jazz

To Jazz
A Conversation with Steve Davis

From the stereo system
someone unnamed from the Golden Age
     or so it seems
filters through the dancing smoke

Dueling trombones
     on rolling rocks of Pennsylvania
echo of
               glacier tympani in Yosemite

               Hear that counterpoint
Cats don’t play that way anymore
modern day baroque
                                  and most are broke

“Shit!  Man…no more like this, no more…
god bless ‘em.”

Sweet sippin’ gin to
milky singin’
hands, fingers moving
                      grooving with the break,
wrist slapping
hands clapping

Lace that shit,
it’s gotta stick.
Nothing’s too fast,
     Nothing’s too fast,
keep up, cat.

“You can do this,
      you won’t need a demo.”


Poem – Permanence of Ink

Permanence of Ink

Moth banging against tinted window
not knowing the shortness of life.
Its seconds ticking away;
even grains of sand
run out.

The permanence of ink
crosses barriers of time,
the way we thought,
And think
of life, love, and…death—
what color may it be—
for all to see eventually.

What color it may be,
it stands with no regards
ever since it’s been put on paper.
Much has been written,
Even more said, less remembered.
Truth, lies.
It doesn’t really matter.

record the significant
they tell me
I should keep the
on paper in ink
so I don’t forget
what I don’t need to remember

my father is gone
the smell gradually, too
the pictures don’t lie
but I’d rather have his
painting, black and white

he used to tell me—
I forget the exact words—
the gist was
to not forget
all that was
and will be important

what were those
he spoke to me that last day

Ah, “Don’t forget
what matters to you.
You can write it all
down, but even ink